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some guest experiences?


Want to take you brewery tour or shuttle service to the next level? BrewHopper offers you and your customers a "New Twist on Tour!"


The BrewHopper App provides your customers with an interactive experience that will bring the convenience of a hop-on/hop-off shuttle service to a whole new level.

The BrewHopper App features:

  • Live tracking of shuttles

  • Highlighted circuits

  • Multiple route selection

  • Information & links for partner establishments & stops

  • Shuttle departure schedules

  • Notifications on arrivals

If you are a tour company currently running a hop-on/hop-off service or thinking of adding hop-on/hop-off circuits to your existing operation, BrewHopper is the perfect solution for connecting your customers with your shuttles.


BrewHopper will operate in support of your existing brewery tour business. Your business name and identity will remain as you have created them. We don't intend to change the wheel, but we will give it better traction for your tour business to grow and succeed.  


Whether you are operating a single shuttle and route or multiple shuttles with interconnecting routes & themes, BrewHopper can work with you to develop the best combination of establishments, stops and circuit completion times for your business. 


Shuttles often run behind schedule, leaving customers to wonder and stress about the possibility of missing their ride. The BrewHopper App will show customers the exact location of your shuttle along any circuit in real-time.   


BrewHopper will make it easier than ever before for new customers to find and locate your shuttles.   - on time, every time!

[By running the BrewHopper App with your hop-on/hop-off service, your customers will have the ability to craft their own experience without the worry and stress of missing your shuttle.   ]

Contact BrewHopper for a quick demo of our App.

interactive app

Guests can track the BrewHopper taking the worry away from not knowing the area or establishments. 

Guest or Group access to suttles

Regular shuttles for the Hill or River circuits can arrive at your hotel. Or, if you have a group, event or convention that needs a tailored experience - we have access to a fleet of shuttles that can accommodate any group size. 

tap & Hop

You value exceptional service and want to ensure your guests get what they need to enjoy their stay. BrewHopper has a solution for almost any guest and can offer on-site pre-loaded or customizable near-field Hopper cards.  We can work with you to find the best payment fit that makes BrewHopping easy, fun, and seamless using our near-field tap & hop passes. 

Circuit Locations

With multiple pubs & micro-breweries guests can get on or off as they like, worry free! Each location is a valuable piece of the brewing culture and your guests will enjoy the flexibility by choosing where they want to go, how long they want to stay, and receive that VIP friendly experience at every stop. 

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