Twist the 


and create your own brew tour

Not your grandpa's brew tour...

We enjoy the odd Brewery Tour in a

traditional fashion as much as next person

After several tours and many more flights & pints, it occurred to us that there must be a better way to experience a wide selection of local beers.  Lo and behold! There is a better way, and it’s BrewHopper.


Whether you’re on business and want to connect with the local craft beer scene or out with friends for some pints and a last minute growler, BrewHopper offers the flexibility to craft your experience on your schedule.


Feel free to browse our website while enjoying one of your favourite craft brews; however, we recommend an ABV of 6% or less and a snack to stay focused on how to get BrewHopping.   


Your feedback is most important to us.


Please let us know what you like, or more importantly, what you dislike about our site or your latest BrewHopping experience.

Cheers to the hop!

Mike Legere,

Co-Founder & Cho (Chief Hopper)               

 Don't be a ‘drunk-uncle’ or ‘drunk-auntie’! (We all have one)

Please drink responsibly

BrewHopper is not your ticket to over consumption. Passengers will be refused access to shuttles for behaving poorly... Drink responsibly and have a hell of a good time! 

Must be 19 years or older to join the hop to enjoy the 'hops'.


BrewHopper can organize tours around a selection of craft breweries and fun group activities to offer a unique and exclusive experience.


Let us organize your next corporate event, from the transportation to the entertainment, we've got you covered. Catering options and activity planning available.


We offer a safe, relaxing and easy way to entertain your clients or group, with government inspected shuttles, trained professional drivers and dedicated tour guides.

If you want to know more about BrewHopper or would like us to arrange a custom tour for you, give us a shout and we will get back to you ASAP.


© 2017 My BrewHopper


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