BrewHopper is far more than a shuttle service

BrewHopper connects new and existing customers with local establishments through friendly technology and a focus on finely crafted brew.


Circuits are designed with an ideal mix of craft breweries, pubs and hotels that will appeal to the traveler and the local beer-storm’er alike.


The BrewHopper App gives establishments the means to engage with their ideal customers’ intent on enjoying craft beer, food and accommodations; our shuttles provide customers with a safe, convenient and economical way of travelling between these establishments.    


Participation in the BrewHopper program is an opportunity to engage with new and existing customers in the digital age and through the Internet of Things (IoT). Establishments can participate in the BrewHopper program on any budget and many levels, even with no cost - if your establishment qualifies as an essential stop along a route.      


Contact us if you are an owner or manager of a craft brewery, pub or hotel and wish to learn more about the BrewHopper program and what it has to offer.


'Connect' your business.

Let’s face it, craft beer is the reason we are here. Without it, BrewHopper does not exist. So let’s give credit where it is due – to the Yeast Pitch’ers, Wet Hopp’ers & Brewmasters that carefully craft the beers we love and have come to cherish… we thank YOU from the bottom of our pints!

We’d also like to thank the folks that serve these fine brews and food that makes it all the more enjoyable. Please give yourselves a pat on the back!

Please let us know what you would like to see in a BrewHopp-ing experience – we are here to create real-time awesome experiences for you and your guests. 

Cheers to the hop!

Mike Legere,

Co-Founder & Cho (Chief Hopper)

Is it time to update your brew tour & guest experience? 

Enhance your 



As purveyors of food and brews, you are bound to provide three essential elements to your customers to remain competitive...

Quality, Price & Delivery

BrewHopper relates to the delivery of service and the experience of your customers. The convenience, flexibility and safety of BrewHopper shuttles combined with a fine selection of brews, food & accommodations provides Hoppers with the ability to craft a unique experience every time they go BrewHopping.    


This spring BrewHopper will be announcing a partnership that will give your business an update like no other! Wee will be offering live interconnected tools that will help you not only communicate with Hoppers, but automatically share product information based one their personal preference's.  


For the first time breweries & pubs can connect with their customers at a new level through the Internet of Things (IoT).


Want to add your establishment to an existing BrewHopper circuit or want to see BreHopper in your city? 

BrewHopper is on the HOP.   If you want to be a Hopper give us a shout and we'll keep you updated and even add you to our VIP list when we are live in a city near you.

If you are a fine brew establishment and want to learn more about the BrewHopper service connect with us and we'll share how you can a stop on the circuit.

on the hop


+ my Freddy business, brewery, pub, or hotel to the circuit.


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+ add my business for circuit info. 


Coming Soon!

+ add my business for circuit info.

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